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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Meet the Team

Communications, Storytelling, and Events

  • Alicia Ashcroft

    Alicia Ashcroft, she/her
    Writer & Storyteller


    Alicia Ashcroft graduated from TRU in 2009 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Theatre. She has lived in New Zealand and Australia and travelled extensively before settling back in Kamloops. Above most things in life, Alicia appreciates community, volunteerism, film, travel, laughter, close friends, a good book, CBC 2, her two bears and a well-made latte.

  • leanne friar

    Leanne Friar, she/her
    Communication, Storytelling & Events Supervisor


    Leanne received her BAS Specialized Honours Marketing from York University in 2010. She joined the Faculty of Student Development in April 2023 - and is bringing her events management and digital marketing expertise to the post-secondary sector.

    In her spare time, Leanne enjoys hiking, photography, trying new restaurants, road trips and going on adventures with her kids.

    “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is Stupid” - Albert Einstein

  • Dea Hanifaputri

    Dea Hanifaputri, she/her
    Events & Marketing Support Specialist


    Dea has a degree in Bachelor of Arts (Hons.), Design Communications from LASALLE College of the Arts in Singapore and a Post-Baccalaureate Diploma, Marketing from TRU.

    Dea brings with her 5+ years of international work experience in the marketing and communications industry, as well as experience working at TRU World as an Admissions Officer.

    She has also been involved as a part of the Storyteller Squad, a Career Ambassador and from her six month Co-op with Career & Experiential Learning.

Student Storyteller Squad

Meet the 2023 - 2024 Student Storyteller Squad! Writer & Storyteller Alicia Ashcroft has been working closely with the team, who range from new-to-TRU to nearly-graduated. These individuals are asking the question: when it comes to the student life experience, what kind of stories do we want to hear, and what stories do we want to tell?

  • Amna Qazi

    Amna Qazi, she/her


    Amna is a fourth-year Bachelor of Science in Nursing student. She is an active member of the TRU community and has been with the team since 2020. She was a recipient of a Peer Mentor of the Month award in 2022 and won the Neil Russell Leadership Award in 2023.

  • Robin Eccleston

    Robin Eccleston, she/her


    As a senior team member in her last semester before graduation, Robin is working on a post-baccalaureate in Human Resource Management. This semester, she is focusing on developing her leadership skills as a senior storyteller by supporting others in the planning and execution of creative and informative content. Robin loves to help students identify and accomplish their goals while focusing on her own intentions to work at TRU post-convocation. She’s following FSD’s pre-graduation checklist and arranging exploratory interviews with TRU faculty and staff members to learn more about the transferable skills she can add to her toolbox. She was a recipient of a Peer Mentor of the Month award in 2023.

  • Preethal Rodirgues

    Preethal Rodirgues, she/her


    Pree is a 2nd year (Post Baccalaureate) student with a major in (Supply Chain Management). She joined the team in 2022 after meeting some storytellers at a TRU LEADership event. The storyteller who recruited her recognized what a bright, fun and enthusiastic student she was, so Pree was hired mid-semester and has been with the team ever since. Pree is highly energetic and deeply committed to campus engagement, community building and academic well-being. You might also know Pree as a volunteer with TRU World, Leap, along with Student Library Ambassador and Founder of TRUSU Dance Club.

  • Taryn Walters

    Taryn Walters, she/her


    Taryn is a fourth-year BBA student with a major in marketing. She has been a Student Storyteller since September 2022, and her main focuses are content creation, attending campus events, and assisting in the creation of the student handbook. She has previously worked with TRU as a Future Student Ambassador.

  • Jenna Marshall

    Jenna Marshall, she/her


    Jenna is a fourth-year BBA student majoring in marketing. She has worked as a Student Storyteller since 2022 after completing a Marketing co-op with the FSD. Jenna’s main focus as a Storyteller is content creation for social media, writing blogs about her student life experience, and supporting various on-campus events. She brings the knowledge and experience that she has gained from her four co-op work terms.

  • Taylor Patton

    Taylor Patton, she/her


    Taylor is a fourth-year Bachelor of Business Administration student majoring in marketing and minoring in project management. She has worked in multiple roles at TRU World Marketing as a co-op student and completed two Events and Marketing co-ops for Career & Experiential Learning. Taylor has also worked as a Study Abroad Ambassador. Taylor is also an undergraduate research assistant this semester. As a storyteller, Taylor will work on a student storyteller handbook and blogs, improving her photography skills and providing event support.

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