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Supplemental Learning

SL: It's all about the learning.

Supplemental Learning (SL) is academic support linked to challenging introductory courses. In courses supported by SL, students are invited to attend weekly sessions — on a regular basis, or occasionally.

SL sessions provide opportunities to study with peers informally — and yet with a planned and strategic approach. Sessions are led by a student who has previously mastered the course and knows what it takes to succeed. Sessions integrate how-to-learn (study skills) with what-to-learn (course content) in a collaborative setting. Check the current Schedule of SL Sessions to find out if any of your courses are supported by SL.

Sessions start one full week after classes begin (listen to leader announcements for exceptions, and for information on exam reviews); regular weekly sessions end when classes end. Watch for final exam reviews to be posted in the final weeks of the term.

Contact SL Coordinator Elizabeth Templeman

  • Email:
  • Phone: 250-828-5277 (leave a message if Elizabeth is out)
  • Stop by: OM 2699 and see if Elizabeth is in

What do students say about SL?

It helped me more clearly identify what needed to be focused on for studying. Also clarified material I was unclear on.

SL sessions are a real booster. I've been motivated for my upcoming exams by attending these sessions.

The useful thing was that people work together and it provides a lot of help and confidence.

I feel a lot better about the course material when I walk out of SL.

Assessment Reports

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