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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Institutional Learning Outcomes

TRU is dedicated to preparing students to succeed in their future careers and address the social, environmental and ethical challenges of today and tomorrow.

To support student success, TRU identified eight institutional learning outcomes (ILO) that all baccalaureate degree students will achieve as part of completion of their degree. These ILOs ensure students will graduate with a well-rounded base of knowledge in a variety of areas, in addition to the specialized knowledge they acquire in their degree.

For more information, please visit individual program pages or speak with an academic advisor. Students who have declared a major can also use DegreeWorks to plan their courses.

How do I search for an ILO course?

Visit the course schedule and select a term. On the following screen, click the Attribute box and select an ILO.

Connection, Engagement, Exploration, and Local-to-Global

The ILOs are grouped under four broad themes: Connection, Engagement, Exploration, and Local-to-Global.


Communication: a TRU graduate demonstrates effective communication skills appropriate to a range of audiences.

Logo Communication

Teamwork: a TRU graduate demonstrates the necessary skills of effective leadership and teamwork.

Logo Teamwork


Lifelong Learning: a TRU graduate reflects on and sets goals for learning beyond their university experience.

Logo Lifelong

Social Responsibility: a TRU graduate critically evaluates and applies socially responsible, sustainable, and ethical behaviors.

Logo Social Responsibility


Knowledge: a TRU graduate acquires, connects, and applies a depth and breadth of knowledge.

Logo Knowledge

Critical Thinking and Investigation: a TRU graduate constructs meaning from information by applying creative and critical thinking through research.

Logo Critical Thinking


Indigenous Knowledges and Ways: a TRU graduate recognizes and respects the value of Indigenous knowledges and ways.

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Intercultural Awareness: a TRU graduate recognizes and respects the value of diverse cultures and worldviews.

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