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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Medical Insurance

All TRU students are required to have proper medical insurance for their entire period of study in Canada. 

You are required by law to have medical insurance while living in BC. You will be signed up for temporary insurance for the first 3 months with insurance and the charge will not appear on your account after mid September. 

If you are an exchange or visiting student who has private insurance from your home country, you must opt out of the insurance prior to that date.

It is important that you complete the consent form prior to arrival, so please visit now to complete, if you have not already done so. 

Private insurance (

  • We automatically enroll all students with insurance for the first three months in Canada. If you are a visiting short-term student, you will have an option to keep until the end of your studies here. Please discuss with your ISA. The cost for this insurance for one person/month is CAD$60 payable to TRU. If you are coming with your family, please let us know.
  • Submitting medical expenses claims to Please refer to the following link to submit your medical expenses claim to Guard.Me.

Government insurance (Medical Service Plan of British Columbia)

  • We will help you complete an online application for MSP insurance during Orientation. You will need a picture (.jpg file) of your study permit to apply. The cost for this insurance for one person/month is CAD $75 payable to MSP. You have to be eligible to apply, please check here for more info
  • Change of Address for MSP If you are planning to move and want to change your address, please use this on-line form
  • During the orientation, we will present about medical insurance and provide more information.

What if I have or want to bring my own insurance coverage?

Please note that medical insurance is one of the best and well-priced medical coverages across Canada and the world. If you are considering an alternative insurance, make sure you check out the medical insurance policy (in your own language if applicable) prior to purchasing an alternative insurance. In case of doubt, please contact your ISA.

If you have medical insurance coverage from any of the providers listed below, you can opt-out of medical insurance.

  • BC Medical Services Plan (BC MSP)
  • Existing Plan
  • Canadian Bureau for International Education - CSF Plan
  • Alternative insurance(subject to approval)

The website where you can opt-out will be provided in your welcome email from your International Student Advisor. Your insurance will be reviewed and you will get a confirmation if you are able to opt out. At the same time, please let your ISA know, you are trying to opt out.

Exchange students

Exchange students have an option to opt out of medical insurance through the paperwork they receive from Study Abroad program. Please also make sure you contact your ISA in order to verify you have properly opted out ahead of time. Here are some examples of the exchange student who are eligible to opt out:

  • Bilateral exchange students with coverage provided by their home institution (example: Australian Universities)
  • Bilateral exchange students with coverage provided by the government of their home country (example: Government of Austria)
  • ISEP exchange students (ISEP exchange students are opted out automatically)

If you are registered in any of the programs listed below AND have to take a field course, you will need to purchase additional insurance coverage because insurance specifically excludes some high-risk activities:

  • Adventure Sport Certificate
  • Adventure Management Diploma
  • Adventure Guide Diploma
  • Post Baccalaureate Diploma in Adventure Studies

Extended health and dental insurance (Greenshield — through TRU Students' Union)

The TRU Students' Union (TRUSU) has included international students under the Health and Dental plan. For more information or to determine if you are eligible for an opt-out, visit the TRUSU website. For summer and winter semester new students, you will need to opt-in at TRUSU counter in the Campus Activity Centre on the first floor.

  • Mandatory for students enrolled in 9 credits (full-time student status) or more (Fall semester only)
  • Exchange and visiting students are automatically opted out by TRUSU.
  • The fee is charged to your TRU account.
  • It covers you from September 1 to August 31 each year.
  • Cost: Single - CAD$248; Spouse/Partner Add-On (one additional person) - CAD$286; Family Add-On (more than one additional person) - CAD$382

Opting out: If you already have extended health and dental coverage through another provider, you are able to apply to be opted out of the TRUSU Health and Dental Plan

Opting in: Apply to opt in

The following students must opt-in if they want coverage under the TRUSU Health and Dental Plan

  • Winter semester students
  • Summer semester students
  • Exchange and visiting students
  • Students who previously opted out
  • Dependents of the above

In order to opt in to the TRUSU Health and Dental program you must come to the Members’ Services Desk in the Students’ Union Building (located in the Campus Activity Centre). You will need to complete a health and dental opt-in form and pay the health and dental fee.

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