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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Scholarships for US Citizens

US citizens admitted to a TRU undergraduate program of two [2] years or longer are eligible for an automatic scholarship of CAD$2,000 per student, as follows:

  • First CAD$1,000 based on Grade 12 GPA of 73% (B grade) or higher (Assessed by international admissions).
  • Second CAD$1,000 based on TRU first semester grades/GPA of 73% (B grade) or higher (assessed by Student Awards).

Three other important facts to know:

  • US students are eligible to apply for all TRU programs based scholarships and academic awards after their first semester.
  • TRU is designated for US veteran funding through the Department of Veteran Affairs.
  • TRU does not have Title IV designation with the US Department of Education, and is therefore not currently eligible for US direct student loans, including Pell Grants.
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