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Application deadline for Fall 2024

Please submit your homestay application before July 15, 2024.

Our Homestay Program allows students to live with Canadian families, be exposed to, and participate in Canadian culture and customs. We consider the best way to enhance English language study is through after school practice with the host family. A host family typically plays an important role in helping the student adjust to Canadian life. As much as possible, the student is included in the family unit.

TRU has a well-established network of experienced host families. TRU staff have personally inspected each home and have interviewed the family to ensure quality homestays. TRU has offered this program for over twelve years.

Sometimes we place multiple international student(s) with each homestay family. If we do place multiple students per family they usually come from two different countries. The family provides a private, furnished bedroom and three meals each day, plus snacks to each student. Students can usually expect to travel about 20-45 minutes between their homestay and the TRU campus.

Each semester/intake has a deadline to apply for the Homestay Program on time. Please check with your International Student Advisor (ISA) if you need more information or need to know the deadline to apply for Homestay.

The majority of our international students come from the Pacific Rim and Southeast Asia. We are also seeing an increasing number of students from Mexico, South America, and Europe. They study speaking and writing English and post-secondary education in many different program choices such as business, science, and tourism. Homestay offers the students an excellent opportunity to develop and practice their conversational skills, as well as to experience Canadian culture in a friendly family setting.

The Perks of Living in Homestay

Written by an international student from Honduras on ourTRU.

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