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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Internationalization Resources for Faculty

Preparing Canadians for the 21st century requires new knowledge, new skills, new approaches and new attitudes, none of which will be as complete or pertinent without an international dimension to our education. AUCC Statement on Internationalization and Canadian Universities

There is growing evidence that 21st century learning needs to prepare students for an interconnected reality where they can be effective professionals and citizens in intercultural and global contexts. TRU is committed to providing students with broad educational experiences as evidenced in the strategic and academic plans.

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Education and delivery models should incorporate international and intercultural experiences for all TRU students. The development of these learning modes is reflexive requiring that students and faculty integrate reflections of local, global, and Aboriginal cultures and histories into their work. TRU Academic Plan, 2011

Faculty have the authority to direct student learning and model the knowledge, behaviors and values of a global perspective. Interculturalization/internationalization of curricula involves infusing Western and non-Western perspectives into courses and offering students learning opportunities that will prepare them as professionals and citizens in an increasingly interconnected world. This may involve adaptations in both pedagogy and curriculum. TRU recognizes this challenge and is committed to supporting and building expertise across the disciplines.

Please consult our Intercultural Learning website for additional background and resources.

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