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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Homestay FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Homestay

Is Homestay the best option for me?

Although homestay programs are a great option, there are still some things to consider when deciding if homestay is the right housing option for you. Depending on your personality and personal preferences, homestay might not be what you are looking for. It is best to research your options so you can make an informed decision about your housing. In a homestay program it is important to communicate, be considerate, and respectful to the host family. This includes: cleaning up after yourself, not taking long showers, and following the house rules. In return, you will receive a clean, comfortable home with food and a family that you will be able to spend time with. In all likelihood, you and your host family will probably stay in touch and may even visit each other after you have completed your studies.

Can I choose my host family?

No, our Homestay Supervisor will be selecting a family for you. You have to trust that we do our best when we decide if the family is your best match. Depending on the time of the year, how many students are in homestay at the moment, and a few other factors, we might be limited in our choices. Please keep your expectations realistic. Unreasonable request would be: if you are a smoker and would like to stay in a family with children, no pets, in a bedroom that is not in the basement with the private bathroom and within walking distance to TRU. Most of our families are non-smokers, have either children or pets or both and it takes at least one bus ride to get from their house to TRU. Most of the spare bedrooms, in a typical Canadian home, are located in basement suites. You might or might not have a private bathroom. Our homestay families are very diverse, consist of different members including single parents, mature hosts, and come from different cultural and professional backgrounds. We look for positive qualities in each host family and believe in safe, supportive environment and inclusion when providing a home away from home to each of our students. Please make sure you include truthful information about yourself in your homestay application and let us know about any possible conditions or concerns you might have including your preferences. Do not forget to attach or email us a casual picture of yourself that will be attached to your application.

What fees do I pay?

Application Fees – $150 and $600

  • $150 processing non-refundable fee once you apply for homestay
  • $600 homestay damage deposit – refundable as long as no damage occurs and proper notice given. Both mentioned fees are due upon the application.

Monthly Homestay Fee – $1,200 (subject to change), includes 3 meals and a few snacks/day.

  • Upon your arrival, you are expected to pay your homestay monthly fee directly to the host family. If you need to setup a bank account, it might take a few days, but your payment is still due the first night you are staying in homestay. Please make sure you pay this fee on time the same day next month, so the family does not have to remind you.
Is pickup/reception included in my fees?

Your homestay family will arrange to pick you up in Kamloops upon your arrival. Please communicate with your family and keep in touch with them when it comes to your itinerary changes and delays, they are the ones who will need to know about your arrival details, including the date and time and your flight number or if you are coming by bus.

How do we make a successful and pleasant Homestay experience?

Be open, honest, and communicate as much as possible with your host family and TRU. Any issues, speak with your host if you feel comfortable, and/or let us know as well. Together we will work on a solution. Your host family cannot read your mind. Please help your host family to understand you better through open communication. Some things can be fixed quickly if you mention it to your host family (your room is cold, you would like something else for lunch etc.) Other matters might need more time to be discussed so please make sure you find the time to speak with your host family — they will appreciate you trying to speak to them first. Reach out to us via email: or email Sonali, our Homestay Supervisor. As well as your International Student Advisor, if you feel more comfortable speaking in your own language. We are here to help. Make sure you attend our Homestay presentation during International Orientation. Thank you!

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