Bob Gaglardi School of Business and Economics

Research Supervisors

Finance, Accounting and Law
FacultySupervisory StatusResearch Interests
Rob Anderson Associate Accounting – Financial and Managerial
Kai Bauman Associate Accounting
Tony Bell Associate Accounting – Financial and Managerial
Dr. Raymond Cox Full Finance
Dr. Yanmin (Liz) Gao  Associate Accounting Fraud
Corporate Governance
Corporate Social Responsibility
Social Media
Dr. Yongjoo Kang Associate Asset Pricing
Asset Allocation
Monetary Policy
Macro Finance
Market Microstructure
Dr. Randall Kimmel Associate Banking Institutions 
Corporate Finance 
Government Policy 
Dr. Alex Ng Full Finance
Dr. Zubair Raja Associate Credit Derivatives
Market Efficiency
Corporate Governance with focus on gender issues
Wayne Singular Associate Accounting
Dan Thompson Associate Financial Statements 
Corporate Finance
Dr. Li Zhang Associate Corporate Finance
Corporate Governance
Financial Reporting
Financial Institutions

FacultySupervisory StatusResearch Interests
Dr. Hasnat Dewan Full Sustainable Development 
Environmental and natural resource issues 
Urban & regional studies 
Poverty and inequality 
Banking crisis 
Quantitative analysis
Dr. James Gaisford Full International Trade Theory and Policy: trade liberalization and wage inequality
International Trade and Economic Development
Agricultural Trade and Related Issues
Dr. Belayet Hossain Full Public policy 
Non-profit and voluntary sector 
Aboriginal people well-being 
Development Economics 
Issues in Macroeconomics
Dr. Hafiz Rahman Associate Public policy 
Non-profit and voluntary sector 
Aboriginal people well-being
Dr. Laura Lamb Full Public policy 
Sustainable development/ community economic development 
Public finance
Dr. Ehsan Latif Full Econometrics / Statistics 
Labor market behavior 
Health and productivity
Dr. Mohammad Mahbobi Full Quantitative and statistical methods applied in Business and Economics 
International trade and business 
Econometrics and forecasting 
Oil market
Dr. Stan Miles Associate Microeconomics
Dr. Meng Sun Associate Environmental Economics
Labor Economics
Dr. Peter Tsigaris Full Environmental management and policy 
Valuation of non-market goods and services 
Behavioral economics 
Taxation and behavior 
Economics of climate change
Dr. Joel Wood Associate Economics

Human Enterprise and Innovation
FacultySupervisory StatusResearch Interests
Dr. Salvador Barragan Full Leadership and diversity in organizations
Gender and identity in organizations
Organizational change
Dr. Angus Duff Associate  Human resource management 
Organizational behavior
Dr. Andrew Fergus Full Leadership 
Business ethics 
Sustainable development and corporate social responsibility 
Creativity and innovation 
Organizational change
Dr. Bruce Martin Full Entrepreneurship as a social good
Entrepreneurship for disadvantaged groups
Creation, design, and scaling of social enterprises
Entrepreneurship education, motivation and development
Dr. Tolulope Oluwafemi Associate  
Dr. Scott Rankin Associate Human resources
Organizational behaviour

Management, International Business, Information and Supply Chain
FacultySupervisory StatusResearch Interests
Dr. Abhijit Ghosh Associate Strategy Embeddedness
Social Entrepreneurship
Strategic Planning in SME's
Organizational Resilience
Dr. Avninder Gill Full Sustainable supply chain and operations management
Product and project costing
Dr. Salman Kimiagari Associate Global supply chain
Big data
International finance
International marketing
International entrepreneurship: high technology products
Dr. Nancy Southin Associate Supply chain management 
Reverse logistics 
Green supply chains
Dr. Trent Tucker Associate Scholarship of Teaching & Learning

FacultySupervisory StatusResearch Interests
Dr. Russell Currie Full Marketing Strategy
Feasibility Analysis
Stakeholder Engagement
Capacity Development
Active Scholar Assessment
Dr. Matti Haverila Full Customer satisfaction and loyalty 
New product development (NPD) 
Product feature preferences 
Marketing of high technology products 
Services marketing 
Dr. Warveni Jap Associate International business 
International and global marketing 
China and Asia marketing 
Cross-cultural management 
Brand management
Dr. Eric Lien Full  Services marketing
Market segmentation
International marketing
Internet marketing
Dr. Jingzhi (Joyce) Shang Associate Consumer behaviour
Ethical consumption
Consumer well-being

Note: Associate & Full Graduate Instructor/Supervisors can be project supervisors, second readers for projects, and thesis committee members.

Only a Full Graduate Instructor/Supervisor can be a main supervisor for a thesis.


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