Bob Gaglardi School of Business and Economics

Accounting, Finance & Law

Dr. Yong Joo Kang

Chair / Assistant Professor

  • Yonesi University, School of Business, Ph.D. Business Administration, Major in Finance and minor in Economics, 2018
  • New York University, Leonard N. Stern School of Business, M.B.A., Major in Finance (with distinction, Stern Scholar), 2003
  • Stanford University, M.S. Engineering-Economic Systems & Operations Research, 1998 (renamed to Management Science and Engineering in 2000)
  • University of California, Berkeley, B.S. Chemical Engineering, 1996
Dr. Yong Joo Kang

The Accounting, Finance, and Law Department is the largest department in the Bob Gaglardi School of Business and Economics teaching over 160 course sections each year. Our main programs are the Accounting and Finance Majors and Minors in the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), but we also offer Post-Baccalaureate Diplomas in Accounting and Finance, an Accounting Technician Diploma, and service courses in accounting, finance, and law to other academic units.

Our department has a balance of research and teaching faculty. The researchers have a wide range of referred publications, while teaching faculty write case studies, develop open educational resources, design and facilitate distance courses, work as consultants, serve on boards of directors, continue to practice law, participate in local politics, and are active members of CPA Canada, the CFA Institute, and the Law Society of British Columbia.

Department Faculty List
Name Position Phone Office Email
Rob Anderson Associate Teaching Professor 250-371-5506 IB2014
Tony Bell Associate Teaching Professor 250-377-6092 OM3791
Kai Bauman Assistant Teaching Professor  250-371-5504 IB2009
Ivan Desjardins Associate Teaching Professor   250-828-5233 IB2016
Marc Dubord University Instructor On leave, contact by email
Dr. Liz Yanmin Gao  Associate Professor 250-371-5936 IB2013
Jeff Kent University Instructor 250-828-5222 IB2076
Jana Noskova University Instructor 778-471-8467 OM3761
Wayne Singular Associate Teaching Professor 250-377-6176 OM3759
Dan Thompson Teaching Professor 250-828-5078 OM3787
Robin Bhattacharya University Instructor 250-828-5218 OM3757
Dr. Raymond Cox Professor  250-852-6387 IB2045
Dr. Yong Joo Kang Chair, Assistant Professor 250-828-5398 IB2060
Dr. Randall Kimmel Associate Professor 250-852-7664 IB2015
Dr. Alex Ng Professor 250-852-6397 IB2022
Dr. Zubair Raja Assistant Teaching Professor 250-371-5575 OM3793A
Dr. Li Zhang

Associate Professor; Acting MBA Coordinator

250-371-5612 IB2018
John O'Fee   Associate Teaching Professor 250-371-5560 IB2011        
 Ryan Scorgie University Instructor 778-471-8384 IB2072    
David Hughes University Instructor  778-471-8463 OM3757


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