Bob Gaglardi School of Business and Economics

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the MBA, graduates are able to:

  • Embrace complexity and uncertainty to enhance business solutions.

Critical thinkers & Decision Makers
  • Integrate business concepts with analytical and reflective thinking to identify opportunities, resolve problems and make effective decisions.

Ethics and Sustainability Reasoners
  • Adopting ethical and sustainable (economically, socially and environmentally) principles and frameworks in decision-making.

Collaborators and Communicators
  • Collaborate empathetically and effectively with diverse people, perspectives, and priorities.

  • Confidently influence and persuade through effective communication.

Globally and Interculturally Attentive Professionals
  • Incorporate intercultural awareness into respectful engagement and business practices.

  • Attend to the rights and unique cultures of Indigenous Peoples and work to incorporate international and national calls to action and decolonization.


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