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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Residence Life

Application are now open for the 2024-2025 Academic Year. Summer applications are open for the 2024 summer semester with limited spaces available at McGill and Westgate.

We work together with you to help you develop skills needed to become an independent and strong individual. It’s more than just a place to sleep — TRU Housing provides you with the opportunity to build friendships, gain your independence and experience life on campus to its fullest potential.

Enjoy a convenient, fun, comfortable, and safe living and learning environment. You're just steps away from class, campus labs, libraries, athletics and student services all while living among your classmates, making it easy to get together to work on projects. Take advantage of TRU Housing study rooms, lounges, cooking and laundry facilities and more.

Current Students
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Our community

The main goal is to provide a social and supportive community, with a strong emphasis on self-growth and development. We implement quality programming and promote a safe environment with high community standards which reflects our diverse community.

By promoting your personal and academic growth we extend the educational experience beyond the classroom and lecture halls. You choose how you wish to be involved!

We have students from around the globe, allowing for an opportunity to learn more about different cultures, languages, and histories, and gain a strong sense of how you fit into it all! Living at TRU is a unique way of expanding your horizons — all from the comfort of your home away from home.

Our programs and events

Please note that programs vary between different buildings.

RA programming

Resident advisors (RAs) use programming to help build community within TRU Housing. Everything from teaching you how to cook your own meals, movie nights, community challenges, to learning more about different cultures and traditions. These programs are designed to make your residence experience as fun and engaging as possible.

RC programming

The residents’ council uses programming to meet student interests and requests. Everything from residents' forums, which allow students to express concerns and make suggestions, to socials and sports. The main focus of these programs is what the residents want to do during their time here.

Our standards

Our standards are the policies and procedures set for students who live in TRU Housing. They are detailed in the student residence agreements for North Tower, McGill Residence, East Village, East Village - Dalgleish and West Gate Dormitories, plus the Residence Community Living Standards and Special Provisions Related to COVID-19.

These standards relate to an individual’s status as a student, and their behaviour on campus, which includes all residence buildings. It is through these standards that residence can ensure all students have a safe, secure, responsible and respectful community.

Our overall objective is that this inclusive environment promotes not only academic success of all our students, but that the community creates an environment conducive to personal growth and development.

Our supports

We have made a commitment to ensure that all of our students are successful during their time at TRU. As long as our residents communicate their obstacles, there should be no challenge too big or too small that we can’t help find a solution for. With these supports in place, you can focus on what you do .

Residence supports

With our front desks, resident advisors (upper-year mentors), and residents’ council acting as your guide, there is always someone to talk to about getting the help you need — be it in your personal, academic or professional life.

Online resources
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