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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

International Student Application Instructions

How to apply

Information for international applicants from Bangladesh, Ghana, India, Iran and Nigeria

Due to a high volume of applications, TRU has introduced a pre-admission service for students of the following nationalities: Bangladesh, Ghana, India, Iran and Nigeria. The service is free of charge and intended to provide transparency of program and admission information, improve admission processing time, and provide a real-time opportunity (via zoom) for applicants to ask questions directly to TRU recruitment representatives.

Due to limited resources, this free service is not currently available to other nationalities. Students of Bangladesh, Ghana, India, Iran and Nigeria nationalities are eligible and must begin their application through pre-admission service BEFORE applying through EPBC. Most up to date applications deadlines can be found here. Please contact one of TRU's Marketing Services Representatives if you need help.

Application for admission to undergraduate or post-baccalaureate programs at TRU.

Step 1: Apply online - A non-refundable application fee of CDN$100 will be required to complete your application on the EPBC website.
*If you experience technical difficulty with payment on the EducationPlannerBC website, please contact or (Master's programs)

Step 2: Upload all required documents and transcripts – please refer to the include transcripts information below (please note that your application cannot be processed if there are missing requirements).

Step 3: If you are a successful applicant, you will receive a conditional acceptance letter. This process normally takes one week.

Step 4: Make your full commitment fee payment and courier your original/official transcripts to International Admissions.

Step 5: You will receive a final acceptance letter that you can use to apply for a Student Visa/Study Permit.

Email to:

Include transcripts

When applying to a program, scanned copies of original/official transcripts (or certified copies) of secondary school grades and any post-secondary institutions you have attended must be included with the application. If you are applying online through the EducationPlannerBC Application Service, email your transcripts to immediately after submitting your application.

After receiving your acceptance, original transcripts must be sent to TRU prior to the start of your first semester. If originals cannot be mailed then original transcripts must accompany you when you come to Canada.

If you cannot replace your original transcripts, please notify International Admissions on arrival. We will make a verified copy of your documents and return the originals to you.

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