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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University


Extra-curricular – learning that takes place outside of the classroom or in the community (not for credit)

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Thompson Rivers University Students Union (TRUSU) has over 70 active clubs for you to join. This is a great way to meet students with similar interests while developing your personal and professional skills.

TRUSU Clubs Resource Centre

 Work Study

Work Study is a TRU funded financial assistance program which offers an opportunity for Canadian students to work part-time on campus in positions that accommodate their studies. Check out the Student Awards & Financial Support webpage for opportunities.

 Summer or Part-time Job

If you are looking for a summer or a part-time job then start here and sign into Career Connections. If you need help with your resume, cover letter or interview practice then check out the Career and Experiential Learning Department.

 Committee Representation

TRUSU has many opportunities for you to be a representative on a university committee. Explore your leadership, serve your community and build your university. Opportunities exist on the Student Caucus Team, Board of Governors, Community Trust, Administrative Advisory Committees, Senate Committees, Faculty Councils and more. Check out the opportunities at the TRUSU website.

 Conference Attendance

A conference is a space for students to learn about new knowledge that is being disseminated your field of study. It’s also a great way to meet people in your discipline. Look for opportunities in your faculty, school or department but be sure to check out the the Undergraduate Research & Innovation Conference and Philosophy, History, and Politics Undergraduate Conference. TRUSU offers funding to attend and present at a conference, so check out their webpage under Grants.


An excellent way to get involved in campus life and strike a balance with academics play is by joining in a recreational activity. TRU offers many including, fitness classes, drop in sports, intramurals and special events. Check out the Recreation page for all their opportunities.

If you are more on the social side of recreation then get out there and support our TRU Wolfpack! Check out their webpage here.


If you have a great business idea, TRU and the community have resources, space, mentors and funding opportunities that can help you move forward. Check out TRU Generator for more information.


Volunteering is a great way to develop experience that will help you with your career development and can be one of the most fulfilling experiences of your life. There are many organizations that need volunteers and many employers that want to see volunteer experience on a résumé! Click here to sign into Career Connections to find volunteer opportunities.

 Peer Mentoring

In peer mentor programs, you have an opportunity to access valuable training, partake in professional development, gain hands-on experience, and give back to your peers and campus community. These positions also look great on a resume and are a lot of fun! Check out the Peer Mentor webpage for all their opportunities.

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