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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Co-operative Education

Co-operative education blends on-campus learning with practical applied learning. Students alternate study terms with paid, monitored work-terms in professional industry, non-profit, private business, and public sector organizations.

Co-op is a flexible, cost-effective partnership between employers, educators and students. Typically, Co-op work terms are four, eight or 12 months of full-time, paid employment beginning in May, September or January.

How do we help?

Our Co-op coordinators assist organizations with finding the most suitable candidate for work term. They will post your position, organize and host multiple forms of interviews, assist with follow-up and offers of employment.

There are no fees for these services.

What would be your responsibilities?

Hiring a student as a Co-op student does not require much more work on the employer’s behalf than hiring a non-co-op student. Added responsibilities include:

  • Completing an evaluation of the student’s work term
  • Participating in a site visit by a Co-op education coordinator around the middle of the student’s work term

What are the benefits of hiring a Co-op student?

  • Flexible access to a pre-screened talented pool of students who will bring a positive attitude towards working and learning.
  • Cost-effective and efficient means of evaluating prospective future employees' potential.
  • Optimal workforce management utilizing Co-op students to fill temporary job openings, work on specific projects, free up permanent staff for other projects or ease the load during the busy season.
  • Co-op students bring a high level of energy and enthusiasm, and provide fresh perspective and new ideas.
  • Co-op students often have advanced computer skills they can transfer to permanent staff.
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