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Thompson Rivers University
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Hire a Student

Studies show that students that have career related work while attending school increase their educational and career outcomes. At TRU, faculty and staff can hire students as a work study student, a teaching assistant, a research assistant and a Co-op student. Each of these programs provide students valuable experiential learning while offsetting the cost of their post-secondary education.

 Teachers Assistant

To hire a teaching assistant, please visit One TRU for more details or email

While the specifics of the hiring process are largely up to the department, the process must be open, transparent and accountable, while ensuring senior students in a respective program are aware of the Teaching Assistant opportunity.

To be eligible for the Teaching Assistant Position, students must meet the following criteria:

Undergraduate teaching assistant
  • Enrolled in an undergraduate program at TRU
  • Completed at least 50% of their current program of study
  • Enrolled in at least 3.0 credits for the semester in which they would be employed
  • A minimum GPA of 3.5
  • Demonstrate English language proficiency
Graduate teaching assistant
  • Enrolled in a graduate degree program at TRU
  • Must be in good academic standing
  • Demonstrate English language proficiency
Additional notes about teaching assistants:
  • Teaching Assistants are members of CUPE Local 4879. The basic terms and conditions for Teaching Assistants are outlined in the Letter of Understanding with CUPE local 4879. 
  • Teaching Assistants are limited to 10 hours per week of work. Hours cannot be banked or accumulated. Hours are to be worked throughout the semester and must end within one week of the end of the exam period. Teaching Assistants are limited to 140 hours of employment in any semester.
  • Teaching Assistants will be provided with orientation by the respective department on or prior to the first day of employment. This orientation session will include an overview of the roles, responsibilities, safety issues, working conditions, and evaluation procedures. Each Teaching Assistant will be provided with a TA Handbook. A Teaching Assistant is an employee of TRU and is covered by WorkSafe BC regulations. 
  • All matters related to misconduct or discipline of the TA will be handled by the respective Dean.
  • Please note the relevant department is responsible for all hours of work performed and vacation pay. Wages are paid on a bi-weekly payroll system through the electronic timesheet approval process. 
 Co-operative Education

Co-op education at TRU is an academic credit based program that provides students with graduating credits while working in paid, full time positions. Students alternate between academic semesters and Co-op education semesters. Schools, departments and divisions can hire TRU students for on-campus positions and research assistants can also be Co-op students.

The first step is to contact a Co-op coordinator to discuss the possible position. Once your area has approval to post a position a job description will be given to Career and Experiential Learning to send to Co-op students. The Co-op coordinator will assist you in facilitating all aspects of the interview and hiring process. Co-op students can combine work terms; for example, a student can work up to three academic semesters while on campus-as long as they are returning to academic study following their last Co-op work term. Contact a coordinator here.

 Work Study

The Work Study program is a TRU funded financial assistance program which offers an opportunity for Canadian students to work part-time on campus in positions that accommodate their studies. The objectives of the program are to assist students in financial need and to provide experiential learning opportunities that help staff and faculty. Career and Experiential Learning works with Work Study students and supervisors to assist in connecting the student experience with developing new skills and career planning.

The program runs from September through April, with hiring occurring in the Fall until all positions are filled.

Work Study positions pay $10.85 per hour, and are a maximum of eight hours per week (240 hours for the academic year).

For additional information, please visit Work Study Program.

 Student Research Assistants

Both graduate and undergraduate students may be hired as research assistants. Student research assistants are hired as employees of TRU. If you wish to hire a research assistant who is not a student, please see the Finance Procedure Manual on this topic for details. 

What is a student research assistant?

A student research assistant does work directly related to the mandate of the research funding and is expected to be engaged in one or more of the following types of work:

  • Preparing materials for an experiment, setting up experimental equipment, monitoring and recording experimenta results, inputting and formatting data for analysis, conducting preliminary analyses of the significance of the results carrying out a review of pertinent literature and assisting with the preparation of a manuscript
  • Collating and entering pre-existing data for statistical analysis, carrying out preliminary statistical analysis or meta-analyses, creating and conducting computer simulation models (which could entail some basic programming), monitoring and summarizing the results of a computer simulation
  • Searching the published literature on a particular thematic area and determining the relevance of articles for copying and later inclusion in a summary database, cataloguing and filing précis and keyword summaries for the most important literature under the theme, discussing recurrent concepts discovered with the grant holder and preparing draft manuscripts
  • Developing a knowledge of the techniques used to identify and monitor species of plants or wildlife, locating geo-referenced sites and recording field data on the occurrence or activities of plants and wildlife, assisting in the capture, handling and collecting of specimens, collating and entering data and preparing databases, carrying out preliminary statistical analyses
Please note
  • Co-op students can be hired as student research assistants
  • A student research assistant must be enrolled as a student or, in the case of summer employment, returning as a student in the fall semester
  • Students may not work beyond the completion of their degree requirements unless this is required for the completion of a research project, in which case the position may be extended by a maximum of three months
  • Undergraduate students must carry a minimum 60% course load within the current academic year
  • Extensions beyond original end date require approval of the AVP Research & Graduate Studies
  • International Students must have a SIN in order to work as a student research assistant. Click here for more information on the requirements.
Application process
  • Electronic employment requisitions are completed via HRsmart Solutions and are managed by Human Resources. Hard copy forms will no longer be accepted. Please see the attached documents to help guide you through this process. Should you require assistance with HRSmart, please email,
  • Please see TRU Human Resources for all forms related to hiring a student research assistant
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