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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

International Student Transfer Credit

Transfer credit is academic credit granted by TRU for courses taken at recognized post-secondary institutions you attended before TRU.

Two types of documents are needed before you can receive transfer credit: Official Transcripts/Documents and Syllabi.

Official Transcripts/Documents
One or more of: Academic Record, Statement of Grades/Marks, Grades Report, Term/Semester Grades/Marks Cards/Sheets, Backlog Certificate, Degree/Credential Certificate, etc.

Official document requirements vary by country. If you require more information about whether your documents meet requirements, please consult

Also called: Course Outlines, Curriculum, Module/Unit Outlines/Handbooks/Manuals

Detailed syllabi/outlines for individual courses in your previous education are required if the courses are not yet in our database. Your academic/program advisor can identify which courses require outlines. Label outlines with your T-ID, the institution name, course code or title, and the semester/academic year.

To avoid taking courses for which you may later receive transfer credit, do not delay submitting outlines (if applicable).


  • International students: To receive transfer credit for work done at institutions outside of Canada, email your request to after your final official documents have been sent to International Admissions.
    • Always include your T-ID in the subject line when emailing.
    • Include your program plan and identify the transfer courses that satisfy specific program requirements.
    • Please include web links or attach scanned course outlines for courses that require syllabi. Your advisor or the Transfer Credit team can advise which courses these are.
  • will notify you when transfer credit has been added to your record. We process transfer credit as quickly as possible. Please be patient. Assessing new courses can involve several steps.
  • Log in to myTRU to view your transfer credit. Review carefully. Follow up with your advisor if you have questions about program applicability.

Transfer Credit Terminology and Explanations

Official transcripts/documents are a student’s permanent academic record that an institution issues to other institutions. Students order these to be sent directly to TRU Admissions. Document requirements vary by country. In some jurisdictions, for example, degree certificates and individual marks sheets/grade cards are also required. Consult Admissions for details.

A Course is an individual exam/module/unit/part of a program of study.

A course outline (syllabus) should normally contain:

  • Institution logo and name, division/faculty/school, year
  • Course code, number and title
  • Number of weeks, hours per week, including lab hours, if applicable
  • Credit value
  • Pre- and co-requisites, if applicable
  • Detailed description of academic content and objectives
  • List of topics covered (may include assigned readings)
  • Assessment method and assignments
  • Textbooks and course materials

TIP: Outlines from when you took the courses are acceptable, even if you have made notes on them.

NOTE: In other education systems, a “course outline” may refer to the entire curriculum for a credential. This document is acceptable if it contains sufficient information at the course/exam/module/unit level.

Program Applicability

Many of your courses may transfer to TRU. However, not all courses may be used to satisfy program requirements. Your academic advisor will determine which transfer courses apply to your program.

Sometimes an exact TRU equivalent does not exist for a course, and unspecified transfer credit is granted instead, e.g. MKTG 2XX0 or ENGL 1XX0. Your advisor can explain how/if these courses apply to your program.

For transcripts or course outlines in a language other than English or French, translations by a certified translator are required.

Letters of Permission
If you are a current TRU student wishing to take a course elsewhere, for the course to count in your program, please obtain a letter of permission (LOP) from your advisor.

Transfer Credit Grades and Average
In myTRU, you will see transfer grades and a transfer average. These ONLY facilitate automated prerequisite checking and other functions.

Grades for transfer courses do not appear on your official TRU transcript and are not included in the GPA displayed on your official transcript.

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