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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Smoking, Alcohol and Cannabis

TRU seeks to provide a safe and healthy environment for those using its campuses and those present at events under the control of the university. To advance that goal, the university seeks to create an environment that supports a harm-reduction approach to the uses of alcohol, cannabis and tobacco. Use of these substances on campus is governed by TRU policy ADM 05-3.

To provide a safe and healthy workplace and learning environment, tobacco smoking and vaping is only permitted in Designated Smoking Areas — see map for locations. Please do not smoke/vape on your way to these locations and please place butts in receptacles that are provided.

Alcohol may only be consumed as permitted under the Liquor Control and Licensing Act, and only at appropriately licensed events and establishments on the university campus. Other consumption or possession of open alcohol on the university campuses is prohibited. Alcohol may be consumed in apartments and residence rooms on the university campuses, subject to the rules of such apartment buildings and residences.

Cannabis is now legal in Canada. At TRU campuses, however, non-medicinal (recreational) use of cannabis remains prohibited. This includes student residences. There are exceptions in TRU's policy for those who require medicinal cannabis as authorized by a doctor.

Know before you use —check out TRU Wellness for information and resources.

In case of opioid overdose, Campus Security is trained to administer narcan/naloxone — understand the risk of fentanyl use.

If you are struggling with dependency or addiction please contact TRU Counselling Services for advice and support.

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