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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Respiratory Protection

Where persons are or may be exposed, on a temporary or emergency basis, to an oxygen deficient atmosphere or to harmful concentrations of air contaminants (for example, gas, vapours, dusts or fumes), they must wear protective respiratory equipment. Persons required to wear such equipment must be adequately trained in the selection, care, use and maintenance of this equipment.

Protective respiratory equipment shall meet acceptable standards prepared by either the Canadian Standards Association, the Mine Safety and Health Administration or the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.

Respiratory protective equipment shall be selected so as to be appropriate to the hazards to which the workers are being exposed. Please contact the Office of Safety and Emergency Management for assistance with selection, training and fit testing of equipment.

All respiratory protective equipment shall be maintained in good working order and in a sanitary condition. Respirators are considered as individual pieces of personal equipment and for hygienic reasons shall not be shared with any other persons. Respirators shall be clearly identified as to the owner.

Whenever people are working in areas where an oxygen deficient atmosphere or harmful concentrations of air contaminants exists or is likely to develop, sufficient personnel who are trained in rescue procedures must be immediately available. The trained rescue personnel shall have immediate access to appropriate self-contained breathing apparatus or other equipment necessary to effect any rescue.

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