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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Terms of Reference

Responsibilities of the Student Success Committee:
  1. To review and report to Senate on studies and research initiatives associated with student success that can assist the University in achieving the goals associated with the University's strategic priorities, as relevant.
  2. To recommend to Senate and other parties as relevant activities that will foster and promote student success across the University.
  3. To develop working groups to explore specific aspects of student success.
  4. To advise Senate on policies related to student success as required by Senate and its committees.
  5. To advise Senate and its relevant committees on opportunities to foster and enhance linkages between student support activities, academic programs and learning outcomes.
  6. In consultation with the Mission Fulfilment Executive Subcommittee, advise Senate and report on mission fulfillment in relation to the core theme of Student Success.
  7. To collaborate with the Qelmúcw Affairs Committee in advising Senate and its relevant committees on initiatives to support Indigenous students’ access and success at TRU.

  • Co-Chairs: One committee member and one student representative elected by the Committee
  • Associate Vice-President, Strategic Enrolment and University Registrar (or designate)
  • Associate Vice-President, Open Learning (or designate)
  • Associate Vice-President Students and Dean, Faculty of Student Development (or designate)
  • Director, Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT)
  • Director, Integrated Planning and Effectiveness (IPE) (or designate)
  • Executive Director, Indigenous Education (or designate)
  • Vice President, International (or designate)
  • One Dean
  • University Librarian (or designate)
  • Two CELT representatives, appointed by the CELT Director
  • One representative appointed by the Alumni Office
  • Four (4) Faculty and/or Open Learning Faculty Members appointed by Senate
  • Up to seven (7) students nominated by TRUSU and appointed by the Senate Steering Committee
  • Research Office - on-going voting member. Appointed by the Associate Vice-President of Research and Graduate Studies
  • Williams Lake Academic Director (or Designate)
  • Tk’emplus te Secwépemc - on-going voting member. Appointment supported by the Executive Director of Indigenous Education in partnership with Tk’emplus te Secwepemc.
  • Administrative Support: Faculty of Student Development

Ex Officio Non-Voting Members:
  • Representative, Office of Quality Assurance
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