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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Terms of Reference


  • Advise Senate on all matters related to the educational programs of the University
  • Advise Senate on policies, practices and criteria for the admission, evaluation and promotion of students except for those matters within the jurisdiction of the Planning Council for Open Learning
  • Advise Senate on the criteria for awarding certificates, diplomas and degrees
  • Advise Senate on policies concerning student withdrawal from courses, programs or the University
  • Approve the processes for review and approval of curricular changes by the Councils of academic divisions
  • For those curricular matters delegated by Senate for decision by the Councils of the academic divisions, review the reports of the Councils and inform Senate
  • Resolve disputes between departments and academic divisions arising from the Instructional Programs Consultation Process and report the decisions to Senate
  • Consult the Budget Committee of Senate for advice on the budgetary implications of proposals for curricular changes when additional resources are required
  • For those curricular matters delegated by Senate for decision by the Educational Programs Committee, review for approval on behalf of Senate the proposals from the Councils of academic divisions and inform Senate
  • Review, consult with the Budget Committee and advise the Academic Planning and Priorities Committee on proposals for curricular change that require Senate approval
  • Periodically review the policies and practices for review and approval of curricular changes to ensure consistency and compliance with the goals of the University and with the powers and responsibilities of Senate and the Board
  • Submit to Senate an annual report of the University’s curricular changes
  • Advise Senate on the annual academic schedule
  • Establish such subcommittees as needed to fulfill the Committee’s responsibilities
  • Other duties as assigned by Senate



  • A voting faculty member of the Committee, elected (or in the case of a single nominee, acclaimed) by the Committee and reported to Senate. Normally, EPC shall use a three-year model of Vice Chair-Chair-Past Chair in managing its leadership. If a member is serving in this leadership sequence, and his or her term expires before the sequence is completed, then, with the approval of Senate, his or her term will be extended to complete the leadership sequence. This provision will be applied if the member is in his or her first term of membership on EPC.

Voting members

  • Twelve Faculty Members, approved by their Faculty Council and Senate. One seat will be reserved for a faculty member from each Academic Division, and two seats reserved for faculty Senators from any Academic Division.
  • Two Deans approved by Senate
  • One Academic Advisor
  • One staff member approved by Senate
  • Two undergraduate students nominated by TRUSU and appointed by the Senate Steering Committee

Term of office

  • Three years
  • Term may be renewed for one additional term as approved by work group (e.g., Faculty Council, TRUSU) and Senate

Ex officio non-voting members

  • Provost and Vice-President, Academic and Research (or designate)
  • Associate Vice-President, Open Learning (or designate)
  • Vice-President, Administration and Finance (or designate)
  • Associate Vice-President, Strategic Enrolment and University Registrar (or designate)
  • Executive Associate Vice-President International and CEO TRU World Global Operations (or designate)
  • Deputy Registrar, Student Records and Information Systems (or designate)
  • University Librarian (or designate)
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