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Thompson Rivers University
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Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System

The Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System provides information on hazardous products, as defined and described in the federal Hazardous Products Act and Hazardous Products Regulations, so workers can protect themselves.

WHMIS is a nationwide system to provide information on hazardous materials used in the workplace. WHMIS recognizes the interests of workers, employers, suppliers and regulators, balancing the worker's right to know with industry's right to protect confidential business or product information.

Exposure to hazardous material can cause or contribute to a variety of health effects including, but not limited to, skin irritation, burns, sensitization, heart ailments, kidney or lung damage, neurologic injury, reproductive effects and cancer. Some materials may also be safety hazards in that they can contribute to fires, explosions and other accidents if improperly stored or handled.

WHMIS is a system of information delivery with three key elements.

  • Labels on hazardous materials and their containers which alert employers and workers to the dangers of products and basic safety precautions.
  • Safety Data Sheets — technical bulletins which provide detailed hazard and precautionary information on the products. They provide supplementary data to the label.
  • Worker education programs and training, which provide instruction on hazards and additional training in safe work procedures.

At TRU, WHMIS training is provided free to both employees and students who are working with these types of products. Training is via an online Moodle course which can be accessed as follows - please note a TRU email address and/or TRU ID is required to sign up.

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Once the online training and exam is completed, a certificate is issued. WHMIS certification is a great thing to have to ensure your safety while working with controlled chemical products while at TRU but it is great to have on your resume as many jobs require this.

If you are experiencing issues accessing the course module, email 

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