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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University


Turning micro credentials into credit: Certificate of General Studies

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Thompson Rivers University and Otago Polytechnic are members of OERu, an international network of innovative higher education institutions that provides free online courses for students worldwide.

Students are able to take up to 24 assessed credits from the following OERu courses created by Otago Polytechnic to apply to the Certificate of General Studies.

OERu Code Course name Credits
LIDA 101 Digital Literacies for Online Learning 1.0
LIDA 102 Digital Citizenship 1.0
LIDA 103 Open Education, Copyright and Open Licensing in a Digital World 1.0
LIDA 104 Critical Media Literacies and Associated Digital Skills 1.0
RRAP 101 Introduction to Regional Relations in the Asia-Pacific 1.0
RRAP 102 Understanding Culture in Asia and the Pacific 1.0
RRAP 103 Regional Economics in Asia and the Pacific 1.0
RRAP 104 Tourism in Asia and the Pacific 1.0
CCOM 101 Writing for Business Success 1.0
CCOM 102 Creating Effective Business Presentations 1.0
CCOM 103 Intercultural Communication, Teamwork and Leadership 1.0
WHME 101 World History in the Early Modern Era 1.0
WHME 102 Imperialism and War 1.0
WHME 103 World War II to the Present 1.0
MIEC 101 Introduction to Principles of Microeconomics 1.0
MIEC 102 Production and Consumption 1.0
MIEC 103 Market Structures 1.0
MAEC 101 Introduction to Principles of Macroeconomics 1.0
MAEC 102 Aggregate Activity and Demand 1.0
MAEC 103 Monetary Policy and International Trade 1.0
PMAN 101 Introduction to Management 1.0
PMAN 102 Leading and Managing People 1.0
PMAN 103 Planning and Managing Organisations 1.0
PMKT 101 Core Foundations of Successful Marketing 1.0
PMKT 102 Market Research and Customer Insights 1.0
PMKT 103 Launching Products and Generating Market Demand 1.0
IENT 101 Becoming an Entrepreneur 1.0
IENT 102 Planning a Business Start-up 1.0
IENT 103 Financing a Business Start-up 1.0

Students must also complete the following OERu courses to satisfy TRU program requirements:

OERu Code Course name Credits
ART 100 Art Appreciation and Techniques 1.0
IRMP 100 Research Methods in Psychology 1.0

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