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Thompson Rivers University
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Programs FAQ

When can I start registering for courses? How do I register?

You can register for Open Learning courses at any time if the course is open for registration. However, we recommend that students wait until they have received their program plans to ensure the course they are taking will fit into their programs. If you register in courses before receiving a program plan, you run the risk of duplicating work from previous education or choosing courses that don’t help you meet your program requirements.

If you ever wish to confirm that a course you have chosen can fit into your program before registering for the course, please ask your program advisor.

To register for courses, log-in to your myTRU account. The registration link is on the left-hand side on the Open Learning Student tab.

May I take courses at other institutions to complete my Open Learning program?

Courses taken at other institutions can often be used to complete your program requirements, provided you get a Letter of Permission for each course you would like to take at another institution. In order to avoid choosing courses that don’t fit in your program, we expect that you will work with your program advisor who will issue the Letter of Permission for you.

Is it possible to complete a program on campus after partially completing the program by distance?

If you're interested in a TRU campus-based program, it’s possible to do so by completing an application for admission to the on-campus program. Work done at Open Learning and elsewhere will be assessed for credit in the on-campus program. Please refer to TRU campus admissions for more information.

How do I register for UVic courses?

Registration for UVic consortium courses listed on our course listings is the same as with other Open Learning courses. These courses are paced courses that follow the traditional campus semesters.

How do I register for UBC courses?

Open Learning students can register for a distance education course through UBC and have the application fee waived by applying through UBC Access Studies.

Students interested in taking a UBC course to complete a program offered through Open Learning should first obtain approval from Open Learning to register through UBC Access Studies, and then transfer the UBC credit to Open Learning. This credit cannot be used for Open Learning's residency requirement.

If I complete a program delivered by Open Learning, can I attend convocation on the TRU campus?

Yes, you may attend one of two convocations held at the Kamloops, BC campus annually in June and October. Which ceremony you attend will depend on when you submit your application to graduate and when your credential is completed and approved for graduation. Details, including application deadlines, can be found at

Is there a difference between an Open Learning parchment and a TRU campus parchment?

All credentials earned by completing Open Learning program requirements are issued by Thompson Rivers University and are the same as those earned through TRU's Kamloops campus.

What advice is available to help me decide which courses I should take to complete my Open Learning program?
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