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Scholarships, Awards & Bursaries Definitions

Merit Based Funding


Monetary recognition of academic or extra curricular meritorious accomplishment based on a competitive assessment. Financial need is not a factor. Unless otherwise stated, recipients must be enrolled full-time and have achieved a minimum GPA of 2.00 in their most recent full-time semester.


A monetary award provided to a graduate scholar to pay for their academic pursuits. It is merit-based funding provided for advanced study of an academic subject.


Awarded for excellent performance in the student's program of study or a course. Prizes may be in the form of a medal, a certificate or plaque, a smaller cash award, or a combination. Prizes are awarded upon the recommendation of faculties or departments and do not require an application.


Monetary recognition of students who demonstrate excellence in their program of study (minimum of a 3.50 post-secondary GPA). Financial need is not a factor. It is normally to be used for further study. A student must be enrolled in a minimum 80% course load (12 undergraduate credits or full-time graduate) to qualify for and maintain a scholarship. See Senate Policy ED 9-1.

Educational Support Funding


Non-repayable financial support for students who demonstrate financial need using a TRU standard assessment. Bursaries are only open to Canadian citizens and permanent residents (except for some emergency funding). Unless otherwise specified, applicants must be enrolled for credit in a full-time course load and have achieved a 2.00 GPA or equivalent in their most recent full-time semester. Applicants are normally required to have already been approved for government student loans/grants.


Financial support based on affiliation to assist with educational costs. Affiliation may include geographic, ethnic, current or prior membership, enrolment in a particular field, or other designations.


A general term for funds to assist students with funding post-secondary study. Demonstrated financial need is often a requirement but not always. Most often issued by a government or a foundation. Always non-repayable.


Repayable funding lent to applicants who demonstrate financial need and meet other criteria of the lender such as residence, program of study, course load, and adequate performance in studies. The main source of loans is the Canada Student Loan and provincial loans, both accessed through a student's home province. TRU issues limited short term emergency loans.

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