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Police and Justice Studies Diploma

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A group of graduates from the program.

This unique two-year diploma program prepares graduates for careers in policing and other justice-related areas (sheriffs, corrections, parole etc.), while enabling students who desire to continue their education to ladder into degree programs in criminology, arts and business (may require some bridging courses).

The program was developed in close liaison with police and other justice agencies to ensure graduates would have the breadth of skills and knowledge required for a justice-related career.

Admission requirements

Applicants should note that some required courses require physical fitness standards and may require a criminal record check.

General requirements

  • Year Two students : BC Class 5, 7N or equivalent needed to complete the Justice Institute’s, Driving With Finesse, (a required component of JUST 2450 Police Skills)

Registration for courses and payment of fees

You will be notified by Admissions once you have been accepted to your limited enrolment program and will receive registration information once admittance has been finalized. Once admitted, you should be prepared to pay a commitment fee to secure your seat in the program. The commitment fee will be applied as a deposit toward Fall tuition.

Year one courses (30 credits)
Fall semester / September to December
CMNS 1810 Composition
JUST 1140 Human Behaviour
JUST 1310 Intro to Criminal Justice Services in Canada
MIST 2610 Management Information Systems 1
PHED 1230 Conditioning
Winter semester / January to April
CMNS 1980 Professional Presentation
JUST 1250 Tactical Communication Skills for Criminal Justice
PHIL 1110 Introduction to Critical Thinking
POLI 1110 The Government and Politics of Canada
Plus: one elective (recommended ANTH 2140)

We accept all academic courses as electives. For assistance with choosing your electives, contact Arts Advising (artsadvising@tru.ca, 250-371-5566 or AE257).

Year two courses (30 credits)
Fall semester / September to December
JUST 2450 Police Skills
JUST 2510 Introduction to Policing
PHIL 2010 Introduction to Ethics
SOCI 2590 * Deviance and Control
Plus: one elective (3 credits)
Winter semester / January to April
JUST 2350 Introduction to Canadian Law and Legal Institutions
JUST 2810 Field Work Practicum
SOCI 2010** Race and Ethnic Relations
Plus: two electives (6 credits)

* Students who have completed PSYC 2160 Introduction to Abnormal Psychology will be exempted from SOCI 2590.

** Students who have completed any of ANTH 2140 Canadian Native Peoples, ANTH 2150 Cultural Studies, or ANTH 2600 Minorities in the Modern World will be exempted from SOCI 2010.

Selection process

GPA (weighted at 70%); and Resumé and Statement of Career Objectives (weights at 30%).


Graduates of the Police and Justice Diploma may ladder into a variety of degrees:

Financial aid

This program is eligible for BC student assistance.

Students should apply online at Student Aid BC. It may take up to 10 weeks to process a student loan. Please keep this in mind when making your application.

Visit Student Awards & Financial Support for more information.