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Our faculty has three departments:
Adventures Studies, Culinary Arts and Tourism Management

Faculty of Adventure, Culinary Arts and Tourism

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Dean's welcome

A warm welcome to new students entering the programs in Adventure, Culinary Arts and Tourism at the start of the 2023/24 academic year and, of course, to returning students.

Whether you are simply perusing this website, or planning on enrolling at Thompson Rivers University, I am delighted to tell you about the Faculty of Adventure, Culinary Arts and Tourism.

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Adventure, Culinary Arts and Tourism involves the study of exciting, stimulating, enriching and powerful human experiences that are typically out of the ordinary but which span the breadth of humanity. These experiences include exploring, travelling, touring and tasting.

In Adventure, Culinary Arts and Tourism we study these experiences to:

  • Understand our individual and cultural identities
  • Develop and improve ourselves
  • Sustain our communities
  • Engender civic and corporate social responsibility
  • Influence social and government policies.

The three departments in this faculty — Adventure Studies, Culinary Arts and Tourism Management — actively engage with the cultures and industries associated with these human experiences. Today, tourism, hospitality, recreation, leisure, sport and resorts are the economic engines of many towns and regions around the world; in some cases, these industries drive whole countries.

The COVID-19 pandemic hurt the global tourism, adventure and hospitality industries. Nonetheless, many local and regional businesses survived, and in some cases thrived. Their endurance points to the adaptability of these businesses and industries and, most importantly for students looking to build careers, their long-term viability. Indeed, the tourism, adventure and hospitality industries are clamoring for staff, especially for those who can demonstrate creativity, initiative and leadership — traits and skills that TRU develop and foster.

Adventure Studies, Culinary Arts and Tourism Management have over 25 full-time, and over 100 part-time, faculty members. Our team brings a diverse set of knowledge, experience and skill to create and deliver excellent educational experiences that combine theory and practice with assignments and assessments that build confidence in students.

Adventure, Culinary Arts and Tourism encapsulates the philosophy of Thompson Rivers University and its educational mandate that respects academic, technical and trades skills. As many of our alumni attest, this combined educational experience emulates the professional demands in these fields.

Our goal is to prepare students as professionals — knowledgeable, responsible, accountable and ethical — for a range of careers such as outdoor adventure guiding, leadership and business management (Adventure Studies), crafting cuisine for modern bistros and fine dining restaurants (Culinary Arts), and enabling, creating, managing and evaluating memorable experiences (Tourism). As well as enabling students to realize their professional potential, our faculty are also invested in developing local communities and global perspectives.

I hope I can personally welcome you to the Faculty of Adventure, Culinary Arts and Tourism.

Adventure Studies

Benefit from the finest and most extensive training in the world.

Culinary Arts

Gain a lifelong passion for excellence in the culinary industry.

Tourism Management

Blend theory and practice to become an industry leader.


Dean's Office

Douglas Booth

Douglas Booth

Gurjit Lalli
Manager of Operations

Gurjit Lalli

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Divisional Assistant

Wanda Cowles



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