Carpenter, Residential Construction Foundations Certificate (Level 1 and 2)

TRU Williams Lake: Carpenter Enhanced Program Tour

Nail down a career in carpentry. Work towards a fulfilling, in demand career and start your training as early as July. Learn the ins and outs of the program at the tour on Tuesday, June 4 at 6 p.m. Join Mark Desautels, our expert instructor, for a valuable rundown of the program and an in-depth tour of the carpentry workspace.

Ask questions in real time, gain career insights and see if carpentry is right for you.

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A high demand job building capacity and communities.

This 30-week program gives you hands-on use of carpentry tools, portable power tools and other equipment used in the carpentry trade. Work with lumber, panel products, concrete, roofing materials, fasteners and a wide variety of hardware. Theory and practice cover building numerous projects including stairs, concrete forms, framed floors, walls and roofs.

About 70 percent of class time is building projects in the Williams Lake community. At TRU, trades foundation training has the same structure as the real world of employment, with a rigorous schedule of start times and attendance requirements.

What you'll learn

  • Learn to use hand tools, power tools and other specialty equipment used by carpenters.
  • Gain familiarity working with carpentry building materials like lumber, panel products, concrete, roofing, fasteners and hardware.
  • Learn to build numerous projects including stairs, concrete forms and framing for floors, walls and roofs.

Apprenticeship / Red Seal

You may be able to use your foundation certificate as credit towards level 1 and 2 apprenticeship technical training. The experience, knowledge and skills you gain through the foundation program will help you stand out to employer sponsors and begin your ideal apprenticeship.

Inquiries and Advising

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