Admission requirements

  • A Canadian Interprovincial Trades Qualification (Red Seal), Certificate of Qualification, or equivalent recognized or issued by SkilledTradesBC. See list of accepted trades certificates below.
  • A minimum of five years experience (ideally within the past 10 years) in the trade for which you have a Trades Qualification that is directly applicable to Technology Education subject areas in the BC secondary school curriculum (drafting, electronics and robotics, metalwork, power technology, or woodwork).
  • 100 hours of relevant volunteer or paid experience working with groups of middle or high school students. A minimum of 25 hours must be in a middle or secondary-school classroom in Canada (or equivalent environment). Contact if you need assistance with obtaining these hours.

We can assist you with the following additional requirements needed to graduate from the program

  • Grade 12 graduation or equivalent (e.g. Adult Graduation Certificate that meets the BC provincial Grade 12 graduation requirement)
  • Grade 12 Math or equivalent
  • Six credits (two courses) of university English with at least credits in Literature taken through a Canadian university with an average grade point average of 2.33 (C+). Courses in linguistics, language study, grammar, technical writing, business writing, communications or English as a Second Language are not eligible to fulfil the English requirement.
  • Completion of the Prior Learning and Assessment Recognition (PLAR) process to provide you with 45 academic credits for a three-year trades training program or 60 academic credits for a four-year trades training program. 

Accepted trades certifications (SkilledTradesBC)

C of Q = Certificate of Qualification | TBD = To Be Determined

  • Agricultural Equipment Technician (Red Seal)
  • Aircraft Structural Technician (C of Q)
  • Architectural Sheet Metal Worker (C of Q)
  • Auto Body and Collision Technician (Red Seal)
  • Automotive Service Technician (Red Seal)
  • Baker (Red Seal) (TBD)
  • Boilermaker (Red Seal)
  • Cabinetmaker (Red Seal)
  • Carpenter (Red Seal)
  • Cook (Professional Cook 3) (Red Seal) (TBD)
  • Electrician, Construction (Red Seal)
  • Electrician Industrial (Red Seal)
  • Heavy Duty Equipment Technician (Red Seal)
  • Industrial Mechanic (Millwright) (Red Seal)
  • Instrumentation and Control Technician (Red Seal)
  • Ironworker (Generalist) (Red Seal)
  • Mechanist (Red Seal)
  • Marine Service Technician (C of Q)
  • Metal Fabricator (Fitter) (Red Seal)
  • Motorcycle and Power Equipment Technician (Red Seal)
  • Piledriver and Bridgeworker (C of Q)
  • Plumber (Red Seal)
  • Powerline Technician (Red Seal)
  • Recreational Vehicle Service (Red Seal)
  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic (Red Seal)
  • Residential Building Maintenance Worker (C of Q)
  • Sheet Metal Worker (Red Seal)
  • Sprinkler Fitter (Red Seal)
  • Steamfitter/Pipe Fitter (Red Seal)
  • Truck and Transport Mechanic (Red Seal)
  • Welder (Red Seal)
  • Winder Electrician (C of Q)